Where to begin? Well, I guess I'll start with the basics. I'd like to say I'm painting at an intermediate level, but I did start off somewhere, at a game table to be specific. I play Dungeon's and Dragons on a somewhat regular basis and like most groups, we play with those little people, the miniatures. I quickly decided I needed my own and went in search of the perfect miniature to represent my miniature. I ended up with a female cleric from Reaper.

    At this point I hadn't ever seen a painted miniature, I  just knew that they could be painted with a paint brush and some paint. That would make them look pretty, right? I poked around in my dad's old model car kits and found some paint. Ah! At last, I could paint my little cleric. I set to work, but the paint was shiney and thick, but it still looked pretty!? I had the colors, now she was ready for the table.
    I brought her to game night, proud of what I had accomplished. My DM picked her up and looked at her and asked "You want to paint these, they have special paint for them." What? I had no idea, where could I find such wonderful stuff to make the precious... I mean pretty. 
    I directed to Reaper's paints and their learn to paint kits, which are very helpful. I purchased Reaper's Learn to Paint Kit 2: Skin and Cloth.
    I quickly set to work on painting the female miniature in the kit, she was a good replacment for my original cleric full of car paint. With brush in hand, I set out, priming, painting base coats, and struggling to make those eyes look real. I watched my miniature slowly come to life and it was magical.
Rough around the edges, but I still don't think it was bad for my first fully painted miniature.
    To this day, three years later, I am still playing Dungeons and Dragons with that figure, even though my painting skills have improved greatly.
1/30/2013 11:00:44

Great to see where people start off. I've still got the first mini I ever painted... almost thirty years ago! I've been toying with the idea of dusting him off, stripping him down and re-painting him for a "Thirty years later..." article. Your cleric, by the way, was a lot better than my Chaos Lord.


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